Your Personal Brand

Personal Brands: The Keys to Online + Offline Success

Provided by:
Tony Howell

New York

1 hour


Price: $500

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Tony takes a holistic and big-picture approach to personal branding and aligning personal/professional and online/offline. This talk includes breakout implementation sessions with instant individual improvements. You and your audience will walk away feeling both empowered and equipped!

About Tony

Tony Howell is a digital strategist dedicated to helping design your future—creating more offline success through your 24/7 presence online. His clients include Emmy, Grammy and TONY award-winning artists, as well as seniors and students completely new to "the web" or "the business." Tony has been a featured speaker for Google, Actors’ Equity Association, Broadway Dance Center, Backstage and colleges around the country. Howell and his team are all about finding an online presence that works for you—not just your comfort zone, but a 24/7 international representation creating offline results.

I was immensely impressed and inspired by your seminar. Especially from your successful, clear headed, incisive and inclusive methodologies. Thanks, Tony!

Kate Fuglei,

What to expect

When you hire me to speak, you’re not just going to get firehosed with information. Though that will happen, I also provide your audience with plenty of inspiration (stories and examples) and instant implementation. Your audience will leave with a deeper sense of purpose, power and a more professionally polished presence!

How do you create your personal brand?

“One-to-one-to-one” for both large and small brand strategy—from logos down to hashtags. Let’s break down those three factors so you can immediately enhance your image!

  1. ONE GOAL.
    Start with why! What is your purpose? Why are you here? Once you know the end result you want to achieve, your branding becomes the path to take you there.
    In business, you always determine and test the marketplace for commercial viability. You make sure there’s a need for your product.
    Every single human being is beautifully multi-faceted. How do you blend together all of your awesome sauce, yet maintain all the juicy flavors?
You'll be surprised by

How important it is to find your own voice!

  1. Learn how to create an amazing personal brand
  2. Highly engaging
  3. Stay fresh and true to yourself
  4. Capitalize on your unique areas of genius
  5. Fun
Important Information

An HDMI to TV or projector is required for this talk.

  • Kate Fuglei

    June 2017

    I was immensely impressed and inspired by your seminar. Especially from your successful, clear headed, incisive and inclusive methodologies. Thanks, Tony!

  • Russell Tanenbaum

    June 2017

    I thought this seminar was brilliant—filled with so much useful material! It’s going to be such an important tool to our careers and really going to be life changing! Thank you for sharing all of your knowledge!

  • Taylor Markarian

    June 2017

    I found this seminar to be very informative. It was great to hear new information and be reminded of the things I already knew. I really liked how we saw different examples of professionals representing themselves with their social media. I found the detailed topics and in depth information to be very helpful. The information on staying professional and what to and what not to share was very important and very beneficial

  • Caroline Abbott, New York

    June 2017

    Thank you for presenting such a thorough, informative and fascinating seminar at Broadway Dance Center! We are lucky to have you as a resource to help our careers

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Price: $500