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You know your business is unique, but let's face it: if your team isn't creatively inclined, you'll struggle to stand out. Today's most successful businesses are in tune with their creativity. They know how to innovate. And they have a knack for breaking through the noise and getting noticed.

Ready to fire up your team's creative spark? Our hands-on, fun-filled experiences will challenge your employees to unleash their creativity, embrace innovation, and become incredible collaborators while having a blast.

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Cultivate creativity

A multi-sensory workshop in therapeutic horticulture

Have a blast creating incredible jello art with your colleagues!

Learn how to use watercolors to create colorful modern calligraphy!

Learn to innovate through practice in this collaborative, hands-on workshop

Create collaborative art with your coworkers by creating custom block prints!

Practice your creative thinking by making your own puppet and bringing it to life!

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See why HR professionals love Speakizi

"Speakizi has been great. Very seamless in booking, putting me in direct contact with the speaker. And their customer service has been through the roof!"

Yvellise Vergara, Employee Experience Specialist

"I had an out-of-the-box offsite experience planned and I needed something that would surprise and actually engage my team in a new way. And that’s exactly what Speakizi gave me."

Sam Barber, Creative Director

It turned out exactly how I hoped. It was interactive, people learned some things, and they were able to move around the room a little bit, explore and share.

Nadia Eran, People Manager

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