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If your employees aren't engaged, they aren't as happy as they could be. Which means they're less productive. And less likely to stick around. But how can you disrupt the daily grind and get your employees to love their jobs?

Speakizi experiences are tailor-made to shake things up when your office is feeling stagnant. To get employees away from their desks and out of their comfort zones. To get your team excited about working together. And to make going to work a lot more fun for everyone. Try out a package to keep the engagement flowing from month to month and watch your culture transform!

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Optimize your office team's performance with practical Mindfulness techniques

Learn how to improve employee passion

Optimize your workplace performance with the Yankees' former Head Performance Coach

Why magicians' tactics are so effective, and how to capitalize on them in business

Enhance your communication and presentation skills with improv!

A multi-sensory workshop in therapeutic horticulture

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"We had a great session! Our staff really enjoyed the content and one person told me if all Lunch & Learns were like that, he would be at every one!"

Colleen Moran, HR & Payroll Senior Associate

It was great to see people get involved, especially those that are a little bit more quiet sometimes.

Sarah Pottinger, HR Generalist

It turned out exactly how I hoped. It was interactive, people learned some things, and they were able to move around the room a little bit, explore and share.

Nadia Eran, People Manager

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