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Shared spaces have a lot of potential: they connect a wide variety of industry talent under one roof. They’re spaces where people can exchange ideas and collaborate. They’re also full of Millennials and entrepreneurs who want to find meaning in their work.

Everyone knows that ping pong tables and free pizza aren’t the kind of benefits that Millennials are looking for today. They’re looking to grow at work and in their lives. They want to be part of something big, learn new skills, and enter a new world where their work lives are truly satisfying.

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While most shared spaces offer access to kitchens, food, common areas, phones, and more, they don’t offer the real benefits that get their members excited about work and make them better at what they do.

What if we told you that you can offer your members the full menu of benefits they’ve been dreaming of?
Good news! At Speakizi, we share your vision to help people grow and bring talent together.

With Speakizi for Shared Spaces, you’ll have access to a world of corporate experts who can teach your members new skills and make them better at work. Our engaging, expert-led workshops will help your members learn new skills, explore their talents, and be better at what they do.

Contact us today to start providing your members ongoing opportunities to hone their leadership, management, sales, or marketing skills. We can even help them de-stress, unwind, and be more productive with wellness experiences and happy hours!

With a subscription to Speakizi for Shared Spaces, you can:

• Host sessions for your members and keep them engaged and inspired with a consistent monthly schedule.

• Host private sessions for your employees and push your business forward.

• Provide your members a discount code to host sessions for their own teams.

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Here are some of the experiences you can offer your members

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"Really excited about Speakizi's work so far - there is no other company I know of that is tapping into this market."

Colleen Moran, HR & Payroll Senior Associate

"I had an out-of-the-box offsite experience planned and I needed something that would surprise and actually engage my team in a new way. And that’s exactly what Speakizi gave me."

Sam Barber, Creative Director

"Speakizi has been great. Very seamless in booking, putting me in direct contact with the speaker. And their customer service has been through the roof!"

Yvellise Vergara, Employee Experience Specialist

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