Provoke outside the box thinking and unleash your team’s creativity. Reinvent the way you view your workplace and make your office a source of inspiration.

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Some of the Experiences in this program

Have a blast creating incredible jello art with your colleagues!

An introduction to Design Thinking and how to apply it to finding your purpose

Learn how to paint faces like a pro!

A multi-sensory workshop in therapeutic horticulture

Get creative & turn wool into your own miniature 3D creation

  • Spontaneous creative thinking
  • DIYs with a twist
  • Artistic and creative outlet for your team
  • Inspiring better content
  • Changing the way you think at work
  • Fun, unique ways to connect with your team members

"I had an out of the box offsite experience planned and I needed something that would surprise and actually engage my team in a new way. And that’s exactly what Speakizi gave me."

Sam Barber, Creative Director at Eyeview

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