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Tame Your Paper Monster
An unforgettable and easy system for managing your time and paper
1 hour

Although we’re all trying to be greener, paper continues to be a fact of our lives. 80 percent of the paper we keep is never given a second glance! Before we know it we have a paper monster on our desks. Wouldn’t it be nice to know, once and for all, what you really need to do with all this paper and how to organize it all? In this informative and interactive presentation, your whole office will be introduced to Lis’ unforgettable system for not only organizing your paper, but also getting more done.

Required from you: LCD projector and laptop.


“WOW, that was amazing! Lis was the best speaker and presenter of the entire conference! From her passion right out of the gate, to her (hilarious) numerous examples, to her tips and tricks, to her easygoing presentation style, she was dynamic and captured the audience from beginning to end! I highly recommend Lis to speak and present at your next conference! Thank you so much Lis, you made my conference!”

Owner, Orca Organizing

“Thanks so very much for an excellent workshop. I really appreciate the fact that it is an easy to remember system and your slides were very well done. The audience was most appreciative and it is clear this touches a basic need!”

Author, American Association of University Women

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